Thank you so much for being an amazing teacher and also helping me with my DofE! You have made me feel much more confident in singing and much better at guitar! […] I have really enjoyed our lessons!

– Holly Ewing, age 15

I’ve been learning guitar with Jacob for the last year and a half or so and have found him engaging, encouraging and endlessly patient! Jacob keeps lessons interesting with tricks and exercises when needed, but also focusing on letting me play music I like and want to play.

When I go back to songs we started with, it is inspiring how much he has taught me, and how far I have come.

– John Leigh, adult student

Jacob’s style of teaching is clear, encouraging and thoughtful; he tailors each lesson to meet my immediate needs (eg working on a particular song or technique) and he has a real gift for breaking down difficult concepts into easily understandable sections.

From the very first lesson he puts you at ease with his friendly and easy going nature; each lesson has been fun as well as being informative and it’s easy to look back and see clear progress, as each session builds upon the skills and techniques learned the previous week.

He has even achieved the impossible and managed to make theory interesting and comprehensible to me!

– Samantha Kenyon (guitar teacher in training)

“Thank you for your patience & thoughtful guidance over the last year. I’ve loved every minute of our lessons and the musical tricks, tools & knowledge you’ve shared. Playing the ukulele has brought lots of laughter and happiness into our home!”

– Toby T, adult student

“I know it sounds cheesy, but I always leave ukulele lessons feeling like “Ukulele is great!

– Sian C, adult student (at the end of a ukulele lesson)

“Thanks for everything this year – E adores her lessons and is loving playing her uke – all thanks to her inspiring teacher!”

William Goodchild, father of 12 year old student; composer & conductor

“Just wanted to say thank you for teaching me guitar and uke – its so nice to be able to play some music (especially after thinking it was too late to learn!) and i’m taking the ukulele [travelling] with me :)”

– Alison J, adult student