How to Strum Songs Without Hesitations

Strumming songs with big pauses between chord changes is a really common problem for beginners, and it sounds really amateurish! There’s nothing worse than someone singing or playing through a song, then pausing for 5 seconds to try to make that dreaded tricky chord change! The root of the problem is usually that the muscles have… Continue reading How to Strum Songs Without Hesitations

Fantastic Resource for Guitarists

DS Music have put up a very useful free resource page for guitar and reading music. There are well laid out sheets on reading standard notation and tab, as well as a host of useful guitar fretboard chords and scales (useful for both students and teachers of guitar). For beginners, you can find, amongst other tools:… Continue reading Fantastic Resource for Guitarists

How to Actually Retain the Music!

So, you want to master that piece of music, that phrase, that lick, that scale idea, that solo? You want to learn it deeply, so it becomes entrenched in your memory for years to come, effortless to recall? Well, just keep practising the same thing again and again until you nail it, right? That’s what… Continue reading How to Actually Retain the Music!